Sunday, June 8, 2008

How to Cope, Part II

It started a little weak -- I walked into the church service and felt so completely lost and alone. Seeing people I recognized from meeting once but no one interested in saying "hi" to me, I retreated into the bathroom to hide for the last few minutes before church.

Yes, I'm a coward. But I just didn't want to deal with it today.

When I emerged folks were there that I knew, so I said "hi" to them and found a seat ... alone.

It's hard doing things without him that I've always done with him ... It's hard to get used to doing them alone again. I know that sounds lame and weak. But it's the truth.

The end of this story is good, though. By the end of the service, it was somehow better. I was all of the sudden OK with it.

And this afternoon I ran around with Abigail doing intensely girlie things, then represented the Bushatz family (well, almost Bushatz family) at a membership class at our church.

And then I came home .. ate ice cream, watched Friends, put stuff away ...

(I miss Luke).

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