Monday, June 16, 2008

Forehead Fungus and More!

It started like a bug bite -- a spot on my forehead that was weird and itchy. I scratched it and thought nothing of it.

That, of course, was before I knew it was forehead fungus.

It got worse under my swim cap. I thought I just head dry skin irritated by the pool, so I stopped swimming.

But the moisturizer wasn't working -- no matter how much I used it was still dry and weird. And red. And starting to swell.

And so we broke out the cortisone cream, and the lotromin (yes, for my face), and now it is better or getting better at least.

I just couldn't escape the wedding without some sort of weird cosmetic emergency, could I? Of course not.

And as if that's not enough, today I stepped on a nail in the parking lot. It went right through my flip flop, and now I have a hole in my foot.


I'm watching Garden State, one of my favorite movies. It has been far too long.

Hung out with friend Angel this evening for nails, dinner in my house and a movie. I was glad for the company and I'm sure she was, too.

Tomorrow = muffin making.

Wednesday = coffee with friend Courtney followed by girl movie night with enough friends to fill the couches.

Thursday = waiting for Luke to come home and Navs

Friday = Luke. Yay :-)

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  1. Yay for girl movies and for boys coming home. yay yay

    boo for head fungus, though.