Monday, June 9, 2008

A Fortunate Cookie

Last night my teriyaki included two fortune cookies -- one told me that I would inherit money (I prefer not to think about that), the other that someone will give me a gift of food, for my health.


I'm expecting my gifty food any day now. Just for the record.

Busied myself today with various wedding-oriented tasks like going to the gym, getting my nails done, taking Luke's hat to the sewing place, organizing my program template -- that sort of thing. I capped the day with a trip up to Seatac to chat with Aimee and check out Nordstrom Rack.

Coping requires that I stay busy. I find working out helps leaps and bounds with this.

Walking outside also makes me feel better ... unfortunately someone forgot to tell the weather that it's June, not February, so it's raining. And cold. And I don't like walking around in the cold rain ... go figure.

Oh, oh now I'm thinking about it again and the missing him is coming back.

I think I'll go to bed before I feel too much again.

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  1. I think the rain would drive me crazy, much like the Kentucky humidity is. Although, last night, a storm blew in and evaporated the heavy moisture in the air. If I hadn't been so tired (and the fact it was 11 p.m.) I would've sat outside and enjoyed the monumental event. And this morning, when I opened the door, bracing myself for the wall of stuffiness, I was greeted with a slight breeze and a little chill on the air.

    Anyway, who knew a whole comment could be left about weather?