Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Truly GIANT Number

We aren't even going to say the number here. It's TOO big to mention.

But that's what the scale told me this morning .. please note, this giant number was actually higher than it was last time. Have I been exercising a lot since then? Oh, yes. Have I been eating well? Indeed.

Then why? WHY?!?!!?

Boo. I just want to looks thin and awesome at my wedding ...

I'm really tired. It's a little sad how excited I am about sleeping in tomorrow.

I am the platoon super star once more, I would like to note -- who just made cookies AND brownies for the field?? Amy did, that's right.

It's raining. Again. I'm not going to lie -- I'm getting a little tired of this. Please note: this does not mean that I HATE the rain ... it just means that I am tired of this current weather pattern. And I'm cold. And I'm annoyed with the mud.

.... And I'm really in the place that I could do well to go to sleep right now. We would totally be at the "Amy. Go to bed" point were it not that we have to go to Bible study soon and I have to be awesome and awake for the duration, maybe even a moderately pleasant person to talk with.

(Oh! Maybe we can take naps in small group!)

JUST KIDDING! Another option: not going to small group and sleeping instead. Woo. Sorry to miss group, happy to hang out with Luke for a few more hours before he disappears without a cell phone for two whole weeks.

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