Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Baby For Sale

Would you like to buy a baby? I am selling one.

My day started with this noise at 6:15 (until I made it stop at 7 a.m.): whaaaaaa. whaaaaaaaa. WHAAAAA. (that's crying, incase you couldn't figure it out).

In between that noise the rest of the day I heard this noise: Meeeeeh. meh. mehhhhhh. mmmmmmmmmmmehh. (that's whining. FYI).

Unbelievably annoying. The only time these noise ceased was while he slept, which, let me tell you, was not terribly often.

Seriously ... want to buy a baby?

Things I learned today:

-- In addition to being unbelievably hot here sometimes, it periodically is unbelievably cold. Today: high of 32. Right now: 19. When I got up this morning: 9.
-- Comcast figured out that we had free cable. This is most unfortunate because, when they figured it out, they took it away. Sad day for Amy. We pay $14 or so a month to get the networks without using bunny ears (which don't work in our apartment, in case you are wondering). Alas our magic TV also got, with no apparent reason, all the rest of the channels sneaky like on the free! woo! And now they are gone. Boo. Good thing I have a husband coming back soon or I would quite possibly DIE without being able to watch reruns of Bones and NCIS all of the day. As it is this cable-less-ness is probably a good thing. There will be less channel flipping with less channels. I therefore give this situation a thumbs up. Next thing to do: watch Friends over and over and over and over ...
-- In related news, if I still had magic cable I would've completely missed the fact that Charlie Brown Christmas is on tonight. Woohoo!!
-- Women don't like it when a FRGH advertises free, onsite childcare and then fails to deliver. And they REALLY don't like it when the dude in charge (who has no children ... if he did hed NEVER say this) says "Im sure we can all just bite the bullet and enjoy our children during the meeting." Yeah. After a WHOLE DAY of "meeeeeh mmmmmeh mmeeehhhhhhh?" I don't think so! And by "women," I mean "people named Amy." And by "people named Amy," I mean ... me.
-- A Charlie Brown Christmas never ceases to be awesome.
-- Ive consumed an embarassingly large number of calories worth of "fruit source mini bites" since Saturday. The down side: it's a HUGE number. The up side: they are "100 percent fruit!!" (yeah, right).

And that's all I've got for tonight, folks.


  1. Wow, you had to go to the meeting and have Dave whining. That sucks.

  2. Oh Amy I had this day on Monday...I totally feel your pain! I'm so sorry though that you don't have anyone to take said crying child from you. I wish I was there to help! And I'm REALLY sorry about the meeting...honestly that is the worst...I hate nothing more than being somewhere that B is supposed to be quiet, I can't focus and it just sucks. I hope today is better!