Monday, December 7, 2009

It's Getting Cold in Here ..

... so put on all your clothes ...

Sorry, slight change to the old song to fit the season.

Freezing. Absolutely frigid. ... it's a disgusting 29 outside at present, windy and, get this, NOT raining.

But really, really windy. Windy like you can hear it blowing against the apartment. Windy like BOY are you glad you're inside.

Today Dave and I hit our last PWOC board meeting. I'm stepping down so I can do the help-the-husband thing once he gets home. I must say, I am relieved. I hadn't the foggiest idea how I was going to everything I currently do AND feed, clothe and assist a big ol' Army man. So Luke suggested I drop PWOC and I said "OK." So I did.

Have I mentioned that it's COLD IN HERE??? The problem isn't that the heat isn't on, cuz it is. The problem is that when it comes out the floor heater below the drafty window it goes straight outside again. And our apartment complex isn't doing us any favors. The unit below me is STILL empty. What's the use of living on the top floor if some poor sucker below you isn't going to help with the heating problem? Geez.


(Just turned the heat on higher).

This afternoon, after a run to the commissary and Madigan (to make sure Dave isn't dying from a cold. Good news: he isn't.) I made ... drum roll ... Christmas cookies!!!

I LOVE Christmas cookies!!!!

So we have 2 batches of sugar cookies done and two batches worth of gingerbread chilling in the fridge waiting to be made up tomorrow. Woohoo!! The only thing more fun than making christmas cookies?! EATING THEM.

Today I did not put away the laundry. 6 days is the new record.

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  1. I avoid baking for the same reason I should avoid jumbo boxes of pop-tarts. Sadly, because I could really go for a sparkly Christmas cookie right now.