Monday, December 21, 2009

Missing: One Soldier

So, folks, Luke is still in Afghanistan. STILL! I know, this surprises me too. He may be out of there this evening but, well, things are rather slow with the leaving.

It's incredible.

When he got on the list for flights out he was number 107. The next day he was number 96. The next day only number 70. Soooo he got on a list for going to a DIFFERENT country, from whence he will attempt to get back to the states somehow. Space-available travel being what it is he may not get back until, oh, next spring.

Haha. So funny if it wasn't happening to ME.

Oh and Tabitha didn't come. Couldn't get out of work. She gets many, many points for trying.

Soooo after having a really long, good cry about it, well, all morning Saturday, I went to the gym and got my nails done anyway and then went to church on Sunday and went to the gym again yesterday evening.

The REAL fun of the weekend, though, came when I decided to get a Christmas tree Saturday evening.

SO MUCH brand new information was involved with this adventure!

For example, christmas trees are REALLY HEAVY. Did you know that?! I mean, if I had thought about it, I would've known but ... My father always threw the thing about so effortlessly!

Also interesting: Christmas trees are nigh unto impossible to put in a cheap stand by yourself.

And stands? Totally sold out everywhere except Walgreens the weekend before Christmas.

So I hauled the tree up three stories, somehow got it in the stand (a TRUE Christmas miracle!!), watched it fall down only one time, put it back up, decorated and ta-da! tree still stands!

Now it smells delicious in here (is it the tree that smells good or the gingerbread I just made or a combo? Unclear). And feels all christmasy.

So, even though we are still missing one soldier, for now ... yay :-)


  1. HAHAHA, about the tree stand thing. Not only is every store out in my 60k+ town out of them, so is every home depot, lowes, target, walmart within a 50 mile radius. :p We tried. So we rigged up something homemade. Maybe next year? lol

  2. I am impressed with the whole tree by yourself thing - WOW! I put the lights on for the first time ever this year. Not going to do that again - ever. And, I will call you if I ever must do the tree thing by myself now that you are a pro - or something more like it than I am.