Friday, December 18, 2009

Getting Better

As in, hold the medication.

Yesterday (my time .. let's just assume all times are Amy Time) night Luke left the FOB for the airfield. At some point in the next day -- hopefully sooner than later -- he'll be leaving the airfield for another country entirely.

And there, with incredible, supernatural speed, and despite SNOWPOCALYPSE on the east coast, he will get flights back home and be home Monday morning!!

Or not. Maybe he'll get home Tuesday. Whatever, and you can't quote me on this -- once he's out of Afghanistan, I barely even care. He's on his way home and that's all that matters.

Is it crazy to say that I had a fear that he would never, ever leave? That he wouldn't get home because they would change their minds and make him stay at the last minute. Once he's on his way it's all OK.

Plus I've decided to start going to the gym again tomorrow. It's been a few weeks. Bad, bad, bad. And the illustrious Tabitha is forsaking sleep for a pilgrimage from Canada to come hang out with me for under 24 hours, just to help me burn time. That's awesomeness in a person right there, folks. I've been so lonely and so ... lonely. And going crazy with waiting for Luke to leave. But! Ta-da! He left! Or... is leaving. And that's all I care about.


So. He might get back Monday or Tuesday. I mean I guess if he has really crazy awesome flight times he COULD get back tomorrow ... but yeah, that's really really unlikely. As in REALLY.

Meanwhile I am going to go to the gym, get my nails done tomorrow morning (while a friend logs some time with Dave), clean my house a bit (just because I mean it has to be at least presentable for Tabitha), pick up Tabitha, eat some pizza and watch a movie, go to church, get a Christmas tree with Tabitha's help, decorate said tree, take Tabitha to the bus station and ... hope that Luke is coming back the next day. If so I have a lot more cleaning and laundry and a few errands to do.

And THAT, my friends, is my plan.

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