Sunday, December 6, 2009

Today I ...

Because you care. (And if you don't, why are you reading this?!)

Today I ...

-- Got out of bed and realized the wind blew the boxes off the back of my car so I was going to need to chase them around the parking lot so I could take them to the dumpster. So much for not having to do the work this morning.
-- Turned on the TV and saw TNT was running a Lord of the Rings marathon. Decided to come home after church and watch Two Towers. Because it's awesome.
-- Went to church. Heard (another) amazing sermon on the life of David. Discussed important things with Bethany. Ate a potluck which included some sort of Japanese roll thing that tasted like grass.
-- Came home. Watched Two Towers, as promised
-- Dusted stuff.
-- Fed a baby. Twice.
-- Drank a latte. Ate a smoothie. (did not taste like grass)
-- Talked to Luke on skype. Discussed which part of the couch he'd like to sit on when gets home (yes, this is what we've been reduced to)
-- Listened to more serious action wind outside. Felt a serious draft through my window during the gusts.
-- Avoided putting away laundry. Days this has been successfully avoided: 5.

And -- you're in luck! -- more of the same fun is planned for tomorrow. ... except that I'll ALSO be going to a meeting and the grocery store! woohoo!

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