Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nap Time

I got my baby back. No, I didn't sell him after all (I decided I like him way too much). What I mean is, that after an over three week cold, I am finally spending time with the Baby Dave we all know and love. This sick kid we've been hanging out with for all of that time is SOMONE ELSE'S BABY. Not mine. Maybe yours? (you should check).

Regardless, Dave is back. Granted this Dave has some extra snot and a little bit of a cough -- but still. THIS is my kid. None of that annoying noise anymore. No crying for no reason. Just entertaining and smiley. I LOVE this baby! (That other one stay away).

That being said, Dave decided to share his lovely cold with me. I evaded it for three weeks -- so that's something. But now I have it hard core. Even though I took a VERY NEEDED two hour nap (please note: most of it was spent laying very still with my eyes closed ... not sleeping. But I think that counts) I am still exhausted. Dave also took TWO 2 hour naps today ... go him! Maybe I should've gotten in that action both times. Whatever.

Now, things in which you have no interest but I'll tell you anyway:

-- Laundry count: 9. That's right. I am just going to go on full putting-away-laundry strike and simply NOT DO IT until Luke is on his way home.
-- Speaking of Luke, he's not on his way home yet. I just wrote a very long paragraph pontificating on what this means, but I decided to keep it to myself ... or between me and the friends I will inflict with it later during conversation. You know who you are. That's right, I'm talking to you.
-- I got Chinese food for dinner. And it was delicious. Or I was just hungry. Whatever.
-- Dave is jumping in his jumparoo and it's REALLY cute. I wish you were here to see it. That's right, you.
-- We booked a night at the Great Wolf Lodge for December 30 ... a non-mandatory Army fun day, if you will. We'll see what Dave thinks of water parks!

The End.

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