Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's Still Saturday

I know, that's shocking to you.

But it IS still Saturday.

I'm not entirely sure how this is possible. It's like I'm living in some sort of space and time warp where things just ... stands still. It's truly unclear how this is possible. Someone should do a study that's all sciencey and important and tell me HOW in the WORLD time is moving SO SLOWLY.


Today, for example took forever to go away. And I even had a party this afternoon. And ran some errands. And the day is STILL NOT OVER!

Sundry things from today:

-- I broke my glasses last night, as mentioned. Unfortunately they aren't under warranty like I thought they were and ta-da, I now have to buy a new pair. Hate, hate, hate. I'm going to wait until Luke gets home -- which may or may not actually ever happen because TIME DOES NOT GO BY -- to buy a new set. And then I won't have to do it alone (I hate being alone. Have I mentioned that?)
-- Because I really don't think I've mentioned it sufficiently, I hate, HATE being alone. It's seriously a major fear ... loneliness.
-- Tomorrow I'm taking someone from our battalion to church with me. I'm rather excited about it.
-- Tomorrow it's ONLY SUNDAY. This is INCREDIBLE.
-- On Tuesday I'm getting my teeth cleaned and then hauling up to Southcenter to look at more wedding dresses with the lovely Bethany, before leaving her at the airport for her christmas vacation. That should be a decent distraction.
-- Maybe, someday, my husband will come home. Because you know it's not even about him leaving stupid Afghanistan at this point .. it's about how bloody long it will take him to get back here once he does. He's not "priority" because he's being redeployed, not on leave. And unlike some people -- ahem -- who were in charge of booking flights and stuff for everyone and therefore could whip it out for themselves, my wonderful husband is at the mercy of other, well, slower people. During the busiest travel season. In bad weather. You can tell I'm thrilled about this arrangement.
-- My house is not clean.
-- I need to go to costco at some point this week. I also need to go shopping for Luke food. But I don't want to do this until he is in the states. With an itinerary. On his way home.
-- That feels like it will never, ever happen.

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  1. If Einstein was still alive, we might have whole new theories on time, because it is impossible that today is still Saturday 12th December. I for one, would like it to be Monday at least.