Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Question Mark Intentional

Our status at this time is: "yay?"

Luke is, as I type, winging his way from Qatar to Germany. If all goes as planned he will bored a flight bound for our local Air Force Base sometime early in the morning Thursday, Germany time.

And this is where time zones on our side... or my side. There's a first time for everything, right? If Luke boards the first flight to here from Germany Thursday (there are four that day), he will, through magic super time zone powers, travel for 16 hours and yet get back sometime around or just after noon, in my estimation.


What's crazier, still, is that IF the question mark falls off my "yay," I'll have a Luke back in 48 hours. After 208 days.

Soooo ... now we have the question -- what shall I DO until then!?

Cleaning. And laundry. And then some more cleaning. And some more laundry. A cookie party. Entertaining Dave. Sleep.

That's my plan.

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