Friday, August 14, 2009

Attendant Duty

Tomorrow I'm headed to, oh, about an hour north of here (past Seattle) for a little wedding duty. Apparently what I do has a title "wedding attendant." This is brand new information for me. I've always called it "person who keeps everyone from freaking out."

Im actually pretty good at it.

Basically I make sure that the bride is not privy to any problems that are happening (example: her bouquet needs to be rescued), make sure the bridesmaids are taking care of her and not other things that I can make sure are done, make sure everyone has everything they need. I put out fires (proverbial ones, not real ones). It's enjoyable. I loooove it.

And so I'm doing this tomorrow for our good friend Sarah, one of Luke's sisters' BFFs. In fact, one of Luke's sisters is going to be here .. and Im way excited about showing Dave off to her (again).

Next week: going to California! Sooooo excited about that. You should expect a little blog hiatus during that period.

OK. Time for me to (1) go get coffee (2) go hang out with lovely Lewis ladies for an hour (3) wash the car (4) stop at Albertsons.

And now you know.

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  1. Oh - so was I your wedding attendant?? Maybe not... maybe I was just Bride-hydrator. :)