Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sweet Slumber

Oh sweet slumber, how I love thee.

Last night was the first time several weeks that I slept more than three hours at a time. This sleep deprivation brought to you by Baby Dave, my adorable little boy who likes to wake every two or so hours looking for his paci.


As I was saying, I love to sleep. I discovered this particular obsession while pregnant (who doesn't love sleeping while pregnant?!) when I got a solid 10 or 11 hours every single night. Those days, however, are long gone. And now I'm lucky to get 8 in something looking like a row (though never continuous). And so, while last night was not continuous, it was a total of about 11, all told ... and now I am a happy camper once more.

This happy camping, however, may be short lived. I'm headed to the dentist here in a bit for even MORE fillings. I don't need to tell you my feelings on dentists or their tools. Use your imagination.

Tonight: dinner with the small group, where lots of people will argue over holding Baby Dave. Awesome.

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