Friday, August 7, 2009

Julie and Julia

First of all, before I say anything negative, you should know that I loved this movie. Loved it! Totally lived up to being "feel good" and Streep was fantabulous, as expected. That being said...

Someone should've warned me that it was an old people movie! We walked in the theater and the entire place was full of old people -- and not like a little old, but the senior discount crowd.

The biggest reason this matters is that old people get to the movie early. And by early I mean at least 15 or 20 minutes. So when we rolled in at our normal five minutes early we were, well, late.

And had to sit towards the front. Crazy! Who knew people got to a movie so early?!

The other great thing about the old people (note: sarcasm) was that they, on this celebratory birthday movie outing, reminded me that I, too, am now ancient of days.* Because a normal young 20-something wouldn't go see a movie frequented by old people. Whoo boy. I am old.

*Abigail has ownership of this phrase.

Also, the move theater folks should take a peeksy into the theater before choosing the previews. Because today's were totally inappropriate to the audience. Horror movie? Disaster [space like] film?! What were these people thinking ...? Know thy audience.

But like I said the movie = great. Norah Ephron sure knows how to make 'em. I'll be seeing this one for sure again when (if) it plays on post, and probably buying it. Because it made me feel that good. Plus now I feel inspired to cook delicious things!

.... Or maybe just eat delicious things. Tomorrow: a trip to the French restaurant with Abigail. Excellent.


  1. um, Amy -- did you stop to think that you went to this movie in the middle of the day? I hate to discount your theory, but generally, matinees are blue-hair central. Just sayin'

  2. Ask Podg ... he said the same thing and he went today. And there were TONS of people at the theater of all ages ... it was a friday! But none of those people were in the theater we were in ... just the old ones.