Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Let's not be picky

The Army changed its mind.

Or, rather, the guy in charge of Luke changed his mind.

This is bad on one front: Luke's R&R got pulled completely. He may still get to take it, but sometime after September. I'm not holding my breath.

And this is very good on another front!: The mind changing was prompting by the "official" decision that Luke is coming home in January as Rear-D!!!(!!!!)!!!(!!)

Woohoo! Best day-before-birthday-gift ever! (The other good thing was actually ON my birthday, so we are still good).

Now to pray that THAT doesn't change as well.

My adorable baby woke up happy and is playing with himself in his bed. It's cute. I think I'll get him before he starts crying.

But one more thing: it is now freezing in this apartment. Washington, where is your happy medium?!

(Or, I like the perfect temperature. All of the time. Why is that so hard!?)

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