Saturday, August 1, 2009

Chill Pill

For the last several days I have been chilling out -- literally! -- at our friend's house in Dupont. Boy, am I glad we moved there for the last week because as hot as it was on Monday and Tuesday it was even hotter on Wednesday.

Hotter as in the hottest day here ever -- as in EVER ever -- since people started writing down the hottest days.

That hot was about 103 degrees. Holy cow.

But I was totally OK with that being the hot. In fact, I was kind of excited to be a part of extra hot history ... from the comfort of my friend's air conditioned house. Hahaha.

I've realized many things this week. Chief among this is just how truly lonely I've been. It hit me that never in my whole life, except for the one month Luke was at NTC, have I lived alone. There was those few months at Verity that I did not have a roommate -- but all I had to do was open my door to find people.

Now that Luke has been gone 9 week tomorrow, I have been alone longer than ever before. And it's making me sad. I really do NEED people -- I thrive on having someone to share life.

So maybe I will periodically come stay at these people's home (heat wave or not) just for the company. They said they'd be happy to have me.

Sardine Lake time is coming up mighty fast. The bad news is that my shorts still dont fit the way one would hope. Redistribution. Evil.

I've been extra special productive these last few days. I've gotten loads and loads down for PWOC, organized myself for the board meeting next week, worked on course stuff, read ... and all sorts of crazy wonderfulness. Happy Amy. Also, Im not dead tired all of the time anymore. This could be because there is a Starbucks around the corner ... or maybe it's that Ive taken a chill pill that isn't so literal and, with a little company, found some me time where someone else holds the baby. Maybe I've been far more stressed than I realize.

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  1. It's when you find people are telling you to calm down and take a deep breath all the time when you feel fine that you realise that fine is relative. :) I know what you mean about needing company. I really struggled with that. Still do. That's part of the reason I write so many emails.