Friday, February 13, 2009

By Me Onesie

In just a few minutes I'm off to watch Doubt alone on post. It's in the new, fancy, shiny theater for $2 ... and since it's a movie I've been wanting to see I'm going to do it alone.

Please don't think I'm silly because I don't like going to these things alone. It's not really about me being incapable of sitting by myself for a few hours. I just like to have the company to chat with before the movie and for company making fun of, well, whatever is deserving (and there is usually a LOT where the military is concerned).

For the record, I plan to see Benjamin Button *with* company next weekend, so maybe it's OK after all.
Went to the gym today and overdid it as usual. I just can't get it into my little brain that I NEED to take it easy. Easy, as we know, is for wimps.

I haven't slept well for the last two nights. Tonight: big fat sleeping pill. I'm so excited. And tomorrow? Breakfast at church! *Hopefully* they have pancakes ... my pancake need has reached point critical. Not good.

Tomorrow is the big Day O' Love. Haven't received any of Luke's gifts yet, but my new nalgene did come today, so yay for that. Maybe they'll start coming tomorrow?

In the meantime being pregnant and Lukeless tomorrow is a lot less depressing than it could be, thanks to breakfast with the church family and a girl party tomorrow evening. I'm thinking about doing a picture post of all the pretty things I'm making for it: Eclairs, chocolate dipped strawberries and pink frosted cupcakes (these are from a box. Don't be too impressed).

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  1. I'm non-pregnant but husbandless. It's no fun. I may go to the movies alone which I have never done. Ever.
    I may also go out to eat alone. Also never done that. Hold me.