Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Instructional Videos

Luke this morning: I wish my dreams were actually like instructional videos. Then I could wake up and have learned something. But no, they don't make sense and I never learn anything.

I agree. It would be something like The Matrix where they load him with new programs. And then you'd wake up in the morning and say "I know Kung Fu."

I know you're all interested in my baby bedding sage. OK, I'm lying. I'm positive that you are NOT interested. But do I care? No! So I'm going to tell you anyway.

Now, as you'll recall I had previously chosen this:

Ever since then, however, I've had the sneaking feeling that it is really kind of ugly. So I set out to find something better.

After much searching -- oh, it was difficult -- I found this:

And oh, it gets better ... and is even the reason why it's perfect.

I've found it for $25 used on ebay. Granted, it is on the comforter, bumper, skirt and mobile that they are selling. But who cares? For $25?! Seriously.

The whole point of finding a non-monkey neutral bedding that could go with monkeys was so that if another child rolls around (and let's not get ahead of ourselves here, pretty please), I could use it again under a different theme. Why in the world would I spend $150 on something that I wasn't going to use again? Seriously.

But for $25 (OK, fine, up to $50), I'll happily throw that baby out with the bathwater when needed and buy something else. Heck yes!

(Here's hoping I win the auction).

Luke leaves today for a month. I handled it great this morning until about 1 p.m. Then I came home with him from lunch, proceeded to get really tired from doing nothing (I honestly don't know how that happens) and subsequently loose it entirely.

And cry. A lot.

It's not like he hasn't gone away before. I should be pretty use to it by now. But I'm not.

Coming soon to an Amy near you: retail therapy dressed in IKEA blue and gold.


  1. Hmm, it wasn't so much that it was ugly as it was hard on my eyes - I did adore the colors. Hoping you win the monkeys - a barrel of them!
    If you need a passenger for the carpool lanes to IKEA, let me know!

  2. I like them both but I appreciate your resourcefulness. :) Keep your chin up - the month will FLY by!

  3. Just so we're clear I was excited to hear about your bedding! And alo, I think your new bedding is MUCH better. It reminds me of the beach with all the palm trees and we all know how much an Amy and a Dana love the beach. So did you win it??