Friday, February 27, 2009


I was just sitting here willing Luke to call me, sending many positive thoughts in that direction ... and just moping in general about whether or not that would happen ...

When I suddenly had a flashback to the summer of 2007, July-ish. I sat in my apartment starring at my phone, willing it to ring with a call from, who else? Luke. And it didn't work then, either.

Granted, we're all husband and wife now, so technically he has more of a reason to call me ... you know, a reason beyond "boy but I have a huge thing for a boy who claims we have no future, but I KNOW he will call me." But if you had told me that then I would've been all "no, he'll call because I BELIEVE he will, and God promises to give us what we ask for."

And let's all stop and remember now that I was totally right about that. Not right at that exact moment, but eventually.

So maybe, just maybe, willing my phone to ring will work after all.

(or maybe, like every other time I've willed something to happen in my perfect timing, it won't work one little bit. blah.)

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