Friday, February 27, 2009

Ultrasound, etc.

Yesterday's ultrasound went just dandy. I'm never going to enjoy that nasty goo rubbed on my stomach, but let's move on.

The baby is head down, just like he is supposed to be. Turns out that large lump that's been bugging me is his butt. Awesome.

It was nice to see him. I was going to upload photos but alas they did not turn out very well so it's kind of pointless.

I haven't heard from Luke in over a week now and havent talked to him in two. This is getting old, especially since I know other wives/fiances have heard from their people recently. Where is Luke?! *wimper*

And I am tired.

Got some fabulous deals at Rite Aid today and basically ended up getting a variety of items, including 10 soy joy bars and three 12 packs of Coke for about $6. That's not bad. I don't know what I'm going to score with this new found deal skill once I don't need to buy Luke food anymore. And seriously, that's a lot of what I end up with -- Luke food.

Tomorrow: driving to Portland to hang out with Michelle Knopp and Jess Baggot. Haven't seen either in a long time, and considering Michelle LIVES there and has for many a year, its kind of embarrassing on my part.

We are also going to go to Powells tomorrow, land of awesome used books. That's exciting too. Maybe they'll have the Old Bear books and a Tom and Pippo volume or two. One can hope.

Next week should be dandy ... full of Bible studies, a coffee date or two, almost a whole day at the day spa (wooo!!) and ... dare I hope? The return of my long lost baby daddy.

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