Sunday, February 8, 2009

Uninspired Post

Kinda makes you wonder why I'm even bothering to write here, doesn't it?

Abigail informed me this morning that my blog is depressing her with the "I miss Luke" business woven into all of my tales. I maintain that I get to reiterate the missing for the entirety of his first week gone and then I'll at least try to cut it out.

Until then ...bwhaha.

For the record, I think he's having a harder time of it than I am. Maybe it's because he's not doing the same sort of busy work he did every time he went away before (when he was a platoon leader) ... sitting at a desk isn't quite the same. Or maybe it's because of the baby and his brain is just in a different place than it used to be (that's good, right?) ... either way, he's sad.

... that kind of makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Is that bad?? It's just nice being missed!

In other news, how the crap am I supposed to know what kind of diapers to buy for my kid that comes in 10 weeks? I'm good on size 1 since people have given me a ton of those already (apparently you dont really use them for long).... but Lord almighty. There are a bajillion different kinds, and Im thinking where leaking body fluids are concerned, cheaper isn't necessarily better.

WHY isn't there a tutorial online for this?!

Guess what tomorrow is? The day my Snuggie comes in the mail!

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  1. Did you sign up for all those classes at the hospital? Maybe they can give you more insight on diapers??