Friday, February 6, 2009

The Land of the Giants

... Or maybe it's just my big giant stomach. Whatever.

I am feeling particularly huge over the last few days. Someone pointed out that I am moving much slower than I was just a few weeks ago, and it's true. I'm getting along at nothing more than a fast drag. Not good.

My stomach, too, is getting waaaay bigger and very, very hard. Mr. Baby is throwing his weight around, too, pushing in places where he is not welcomed.

Let's do a little comparison here, just to bring things home. This is a picture from the end of August, a week or two after I found out I was pregnant.

And here we are today, looking about 20 lbs heavier ... at least ... and carrying most of it in a very obvious place. And let's remember I was not the skinniest person in the world when the above photo happened.

I am so not feeling cute right now. And yes, I was trying to suck it in during the above photo, but to no avail, obviously.

I actually went and bought new maternity clothes yesterday ... in particular a new tshirt, because I feel like the days where my normal shirts fit are rapidly coming to an end.

We're also to the point where I can only sit on certain parts of the couch. If I sit on the extra cooshy middle seat I have nothing solid to push myself up by. I have to do a four or five point turn in bed to roll over. And this evening I had to soap my ring to get it off at a time off day when it is usually a tiny bit big on me ... has the swelling started too!??!

I guess I AM 29 weeks pregnant (giving me only 10 or so to go... holy cow, let's not think about that, K? So not ready for a baby right now) ... but still. Did this day HAVE to come?!

Dana had the best idea ever. Instead of buying each other baby gifts we are going to save on postage and buy ourselves something comparable. I am so excited for an excuse to go shopping. It's a little ridiculous.

Finally got to talk to Luke today ... twice actually. He woke me up and called this evening. Even though his dumb cell phone has no reception in the middle of no where stupid Mojave, he has been able to call me ... so that's a blessing. He is also setting up an AKO account for me so that we can chat on the computer even while he is "in the box," and completely phoneless for a few days. He is not so good at the typing chat, but I think this will be good practice for his typing skills.

I sent him a valentines day card today ... hope he likes it.

Tomorrow: wedding in the middle afternoon.

That's really my only big plan, other than working on the world's most boring research paper. Seriously people. I know Luke says the "synoptic problem" is important and should matter to every Christian but .... it doesnt. I simply don't care. The Bible is written and it talks about Jesus and I know He is real. That is so enough for me. I don't need to know what sources the first three gospel authors based their work upon, and I dont care who wrote which first. It's really the most ridiculous waste of time I've ever encountered. Surely these people could come up with something better to think about. Good grief.

(I'll probably go to the gym, too, and... duh? ... take a nap).

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  1. I know that you FEEL huge and giant but you are adorable. A very cute pregnant person - and not everybody can pull off being pregnant. Props to you for STILL going to the gym! I'm afraid when I'm pregnant, that's going to be an excuse for me to lay on the couch and do nothing...all day.