Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So Tired

... yawn.

Gym work outs really DO wear you out. I definitely need a nap before small group tonight.

The days are ticking by slowly. This morning I went to PWOC, then made a peanut butter cake that may be too rich for my taste, but hopefully everyone else likes it. Cake making really isn't my thing so hopefully this is decent.

I get to see my baby boy tomorrow, I am excited about that. It'll be nice to spend most of the day with Abigail, too, seeing baby, drinking warm liquids, getting our nails done.

Been watching a lot of Alias. And by a lot, I mean two seasons in the last two weeks. And these seasons are pretty long, too.

My conclusion: I would not be great at the spy thing. I can't kick that hard and I'm not particularly awesome at keeping secrets.


  1. I'm horrible at keeping secrets. As in, I just don't keep them. At all. Oh and moving sucks. I've never done it before and it's horrible.

  2. HAHAHA!!! I love that the reason you wouldn't be a good spy is because you can't keep secrets and NOT my reason which is that I don't speak twenty languages and I don't look hot with every single color/length/style of hair known to man...( that seems to be an important prerequisite)

    Ditto on tomorrow...its gonna be a good day...what's not to love about Baby, coffee, and nails?!?

  3. LOL I like to imagine that I could pull of the language thing and being really hot thing if I tried hard enough. And maybe I could LEARN to kick that hard. But I dont there is anything we could do about me not keeping secrets.