Monday, February 23, 2009

Errand Day

Monday is my errand day in that I hit the commissary Monday morning. Generally speaking I hit the gym right afterwards, but this morning a drive by revealed every single parking space (and ones across the street and even one or two pretend ones ON the street) filled. I don't know what was going on, but whatever it was I was not willing to deal with it.

And so I decided to expend energy on other things instead. I ran to pick up some baby toys from a Freecycle person, most of which I ended up dropping off at Goodwill.

I dropped some donation books off at the library that have been sitting in our house forever.

I returned some things at Target and picked up some other stuff instead (storage bins for the baby's room, a stapler).

I hit Rite-Aid to score free granola bars and hairspray (Im almost out!) and gum for Luke.... got the gum, they were out of everything else. I'll go back Friday in hopes of getting it then.

I got my free Monday Movie from Redbox. This week it was "The Visitor." This was an excellent film about a stodgy white professor and how his life intersects with an illegal immigrant. It was just really sweet. Not award winning or anything, but I enjoyed it.

And then I cleaned my house.

I love Monday cleaning day ... my house always smells so great afterwards. I just like it when things are clean and shiny.

Nothing terribly exciting going on in the world of Amy this week ... well at least for the next three days. Bible studies and small group. That's pretty much it. At least I'll have time to go to the gym or walk or something.

Thursday will be interesting, however. I have an ultrasound at 11 a.m. and then Abigail and I are going to go do our nails mostly because I have a great coupon, other mostly because Luke comes home next week and I want my nails to be pretty.

Nothing going on Friday...

And Saturday (!) Im going to Portland for the day to hang with a few lovely ladies and hit up the greatest book store ever, Powells.

... next week Luke comes home.

It's amazing how lonely I've gotten over the last few days. I miss Luke's company and I'm pretty darn bored.

If I wasn't getting a baby before Luke leaves I would DEFINITELY need a puppy.

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