Thursday, February 19, 2009

Favorite Things

Because overall, today is a good day, a list of my favorite things:

-- Hot tea
-- The new pajamas pants Luke sent me as a final Valentines Day gift. These are SO GREAT, folks. It's an act of true irony that Victoria's Secret makes the most comfortable, unsexy pajamas and sweatpants out there.
-- Taking walks with friends and otherwise
-- Getting good deals on stuff I need. It just makes me feel good.
-- My mommy blanket and my snuggie
-- A clean house. It's the simple things, folks.
-- Hot baths. Someday I'm going to live in a place with a bathtub in which my shoulders and knees can be submerged at the same time. Until then, this one will do.
-- Coming to a final decision on the baby bedding. We are keeping the one from Target, folks, and getting a brown duvet cover for the twin sized bed. I know, thank God that's over. Phew.
-- Alias. I totally forgot how great this show is!! Abigail brought me Season 2 today. It's a good day.
-- Thinking about how closeish I am to having pregnancy be over with once and for all. 9 more weeks people! This is so exciting. Now, if I was only actually READY ... hm ... I should look into that.

I've added an email subscription feature to the right side of the page. This was primarily for the benefit of Luke, who either doesn't has access to the blog or forgets to read it. It's nice to keep one's husband in the loop on things blog wise, so email it is. I prefer it when people actually visit my page because then my hit counter goes up, and let's be honest, that gives me warm fuzzy egocentric feelings. But whatever makes you happy, ok?

Tomorrow I'm headed to Seattle for a little girl time with Heidi, friend of Liz. Providing I do not get stuck in the World's Worst Traffic tomorrow evening on the way home (like I did the last time I ventured up 405) this should be good times all around.

I can't believe Luke has been gone for only two weeks. It seems like an eternity, like he was here maybe a month ago or more. How the passing of time feels is a weird thing sometimes. I guess it just speaks to how we are once we get into the rhythm of being "single" again, like nothing was ever different, really.

I slept better last night, for the record, thanks to a little drug help. I can't let myself do that every night because I know that this is just my body getting me ready to all sorts of unrested soon. If that's true though ... who knew my body could be so mean to me?!

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  1. I like lists. And I had no idea Victorias Secret made unsexy pajama pants. Kudos to your husband for purchasing from VS!