Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sunshine ....

It was a lovely day today. Cold, but lovely. I spent most of the morning pretending to work on a research project while actually working on . .. hm ... nothing. Finally got writing and finished another section. Only a few more to go before we are finished. For the last time, I do not CARE about the synoptic problem.

After pretending to work and then actually working I did hit the great outdoors for a three mile walk -- and it was beautiful.

And now I am - where else? - on my couch watching Alias with my Snuggie.

For what it's worth I think the baby likes the Snuggie too. He's doing a happy Snuggie dance in my stomach as I type. Hehe.

For Valentines Day Luke is sending me a series of presents, he claims. It has taken every popwer in me to *not* go look at the credit card statement and see what they are. They are going to be arriving in stages next week while he is off trotting about the mystical magical field ...

I STILL don't know exactly what it is they do there, as it turns out.

Tomorrow: IKEA!!!

This calls for an update on the baby bedding.

It was too heartbreaking to write about the other day but ... I lost the bid. I did not win the ebay monkey bedding.


So instead I have plans b. and c. ... they revolve around this set which Ive ordered from Target:

However, the hope is IKEA can deliver something better. For example, I'm hoping that I love this in person:

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  1. I like Target's. But maybe I'm just partial because it's .... Target.