Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh Beautiful Day

Let's admit it: last night was not. good. I got a milkshake with Luke before dropping him off. It wouldve helped more had I not found on from the instructional information on the sign that an Oreo Cookie Shake from Jack in the Book, the regular sized one, has like 700 calories.

That's right, if I have to know that, you do too.

After I got home I cried a little bit in the car, then came inside and cried a lot bit in my bed. Then fiiiiinally went to sleep.

(Please note that this is waaaaaay different from the last time I dropped him off for a dramatic, longish training mission. Remember that? ... also this is totally better than that just on principle. Army boys should not be allowed to trot off for training three weeks before their wedding. It's just not right).

I slept OKish and woke up this morning at about 7 a.m., still tired. I hate that. I went about my morning doing all my just got out of bed things, stripped the bed (nothing better than clean sheets!!), and threw my throw pillows back from the floor where they live overnight and onto the bed.

And that's when it happened. A giant brown spider scurried off one of the pillows and onto my bed.

I screamed. Obviously, as I am deathly (and irrationally, Im aware) afraid of spiders.

And they ALWAYS come out when Luke is gone. Every. Single. Time.!

So I vacuumed it up with the stupid canister vacuum where you can see the dirt (which I hate), burst into tears and called my mom. Duh.

The day improved dramatically from there, it should be noted. I went to PWOC on Post, which ended up being super neat and something Im really excited about being a part of. (I'm going to give this some thought and blog about it later). Then I left there with plans to go to the gym only to notice that -- hello!?! -- it was 60 degrees outside and sunny!

Totally the WRONG day to go to the gym and the RIGHT day to go on a very long walk.

And it was. Abigail went with me and we walked 5 miles through Dupont! That is some hardcore walking when you are hauling around 17 extra pounds a portion of which is actually an extra human.

Now that I'm home I'm making eclairs, because (let's be honest) I'm an overachiever who has snack duty tonight at Bible study. But these babies are going to be delicious!! I'm so excited.

I have a bunch of things to do tomorrow, not the least of which is doing some hardcore work on Luke's research paper. This is good.

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