Thursday, February 5, 2009


Maybe it's because yesterday was so beautiful. Maybe it really it's just nippy outside. Or perhaps it's because I took a nap under some very warm covers and then had to get up ... No matter, I am freezing.

And that's really the problem with this area. One day is absolutely gorgeous and the next day it's back to stupid clouds. No matter how much you warn yourself that the wonderful weather will not last more than a day, it's still a downer when, sure enough, the clouds are back.

Today I did a little retail therapy.

No, not IKEA ... that's next week with Abigail. Today's was the supplement store (for protein powder), the tanning bed (don't judge ... at least I admit it and it was SO WONDERFUL), the maternity clothes store (TOO EXPENSIVE!), Pier 1 (also expensive but now my bathroom looks cute) and post to get a new ID (which actually looks like me and is not falling apart -- all good things).

Tonight, Army officer wives coffee. Maybe my head won't hurt while I'm there. That'd be good.


  1. I know, right?! I was SO COLD all day! Stupid weather playing games with me....I seriously could have used a repeat button on yesterday....

    Oh and the coffee...I totally remembered why I only went for the food ;-)

  2. Tanning beds are awesome, warm and super relaxing - all reasons to definitely jump in one whenever possible. :)