Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Grumpy Math

Grumpy Points:

Not getting enough sleep last night: 3
Heartburn for what seems like no good reason: 1
Having to leave my house at 8:30 a.m. for Bible study: 1
Luke being gone. Still: 2
The never ending research paper: 1
A house that makes itself dirty: 1
A guy honking at me while I was taking a walk (seriously?! I'm 31 weeks pregnant!): 1
Worrying about what the Army is going to do with Luke: 1
Worrying about what happens to me if the Army does whatever with Luke: 1
Worrying about deployment in general: 1
Other worrying: 1

Un-Grumpy Points:

A beautiful, clear blue sun shiny sky: 1
Talking a walk under said sky: 1
The smell of growing things in the sun: 1
A delicious smoothie: 1
Remembering that God is control of stuff, including all facets of the Army: 1
Having time to take a nap: 1
Booking part one on the cheap of our upcoming Babymoon to Port Townsend and Victoria BC: 1
Hanging out with neat people at aforementioned early morning Bible study: 1
Fresh air coming in my apartment from open windows: 1
Getting a spa finder gift card in the mail from said gone Luke and booking a massage and facial: 1
The smell of the flowers Luke sent Saturday: 1
Thinking about Luke in general: 1

Grumpy points: 14
- Un grumpiness: 12
Grumpy: 2

And I suppose the day could still get better, pending the actual nap.


  1. I think I'm going to steal this idea for when I have a grumpy day.

  2. I am loving this. I don't have time to calculate my grumpy score, but I have a feeling it's pretty high today. A couple of our grumpy points are the same.